Our Knowledge Graph and AI Technology

The Climate Sentinel (TCS) is powered by a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and AI. We're crawling thousands of news sources every day, and each source's articles are analyzed for their relevance to ESG topics and investors.

To help log all this information, the TCS technology does three things:

  1. Extract, deduplicate, and clean text-based information. Our algorithms clean text to remove layout effects, repeating content, and other low-value-add text. This means only relevant text is included in our analysis.
  2. Categorize text based on sentiment, content categories, and entities. Once text is cleaned, the TCS algorithm classifies individual article titles, individual sentences, and other parts of articles to understand what each piece of content is discussing. It then determines whether content is relevant to the topic at hand (in this case, ESG topics).
  3. Build a knowledge graph. Once information is extracted and categorized, we build a knowledge graph of relationships between entities, companies, events, and other criteria. This is logged in a streaming database and available in a variety of formats.

Accessing the ESG Knowledge Graph

Our knowledge graph is available and can also be customized to individual investor/company/organization needs. Email TCS at info@climatesentinel.com to request access.

The Climate Sentinel is an AI-powered news assistant for ESG investors and those concerned about climate change, corporate social responsibility, and related topics. Learn more.


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