Edition for 11 May 2020

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French, Dutch urge EU to show teeth on trade (Arab News)

  • In their joint proposal sent to the other 25 EU member states, the French and Dutch trade ministers urge the European Commission to be ready to raise tariffs against trade partners that fail to meet their commitments on sustainable development.
  • The EU should link tariff reductions “where relevant” to the effective implementation of trade and sustainable development provisions and be willing to take action when those provisions are breached, it added.

Can Covid-19 response be a model for climate action? (The Interpreter)

  • In 2020, the world will see the largest annual drop in carbon dioxide emissions in history.
  • The preliminary data from some of the world’s biggest economies shows that global emissions are in for a sharp, if temporary, decline.
  • In China, 87% say that climate change is as serious a crisis as Covid-19 in the long term. While the number in Australia is much lower, the majority – 59% – agree.
  • Furthermore, the low price of fossil fuels may see countries revert to less sustainable methods of energy generation to jump-start their economies, relegating the climate crisis to the bench in the name of economic restoration.

Car emissions targets ‘unrealistic and doomed to fail’ (Irish Times)

  • Targets set out in the Government’s climate action plan (CAP) for the reduction of Ireland’s car emissions are “unrealistic and doomed to fail”, according to the latest analysis of the Irish Car Carbon Reduction Alliance (ICCRA).
  • ICCRA, however, points out it fails to tackle underlying reasons behind the country’s high level of car emissions and until it does, “it will continue to fail to achieve its targets”.
  • It is calling for more realistic, yet ambitious targets for emissions and EVs, as well as urgent consultation with the motoring sector.

Electric motorcycles made and designed in Singapore set to rev up Southeast Asia (Channel News Asia)

  • The aim is also for Scorpio Electric to extend this environmental sustainability to its production line, said Mr Tham, noting some of the materials used in the making of motorcycles can be substituted by “bio-derived” materials with “some recyclability”.
  • The switch to electric motorcycles is “very promising” in terms of reducing carbon emissions in the region, said Mr Tham, who was previously with the Land Transport Authority as the head of its autonomous vehicle programme office.
  • Motorcycles in Southeast Asia are “typically lagging behind the curve in emissions standards”, said James Chan, co-founder and chief executive of Ion Mobility, which is headquartered in Singapore.

9 things you need to know about the Coffee Gold mine, proposed for a remote corner of Yukon (EHN)

  • The Coffee Gold mine is currently under review by the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board, which just closed its second public engagement period.
  • Natural gas and diesel would be used to generate electricity at the mine, according to the company’s statement of scope of project submitted to the Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Board.
  • Asked whether the Coffee mine would use renewable energy, Jabara said, “Currently, our focus is exploration, and as we continue to grow our knowledge, we will continue to review energy alternatives [that] will support the long-term sustainability of the project.”

It’s Time To Build…With Biology (SynBioBeta)

  • Built With Biology is a 50-year strategy to create a more prosperous, sustainable, and equitable California bioeconomy for all.
  • Rather than retreating on the environment, it accelerates our commitment to renewable energy, sustainable goods, and clean water and air.
  • Built With Biology will not just prepare us for future crisis scenarios, it will also give our students the tools they need to succeed, provide our communities with the jobs they need to thrive, and sustain California’s role as an economic and environmental leader of the world.

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