Edition for 03 May 2020

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Tata Steel Announces Plans Aimed at Creating World's First Zero Carbon Industrial Cluster in UK (News18)

  • Tata Steel has announced plans to help shape regional efforts in South Wales to decrease carbon emissions, aimed at creating the world's first net-zero industrial cluster.
  • "By helping to develop an industrial strategy, which allows companies in Wales to grow while also reducing CO2 emissions, the plan will create new jobs and provide a sustainable industrial base for future generations," he said.
  • Phase one of the project will create a plan for a series of local zero-carbon areas to lower emissions, create skilled jobs and enhance well-being across South Wales.

Next risk? Coronavirus pandemic underscores climate health threats (Japan Times)

  • Elena Villalobos Prats, a climate change and public health expert with the World Health Organization, said that two-thirds of countries have considered threats to health in national climate plans created as part of the 2015 Paris Agreement.
  • "Bad things can indeed happen suddenly," said John Roome, a World Bank sustainable development director for South Asia.

Pandemic puts small dent in climate change (News 1130 - Vancouver)

  • Global warming has slowed somewhat, but most of the CO2 in our atmosphere has been accumulated over time Expert says now is the time to develop stimulus packages that focus less on fossil-fuel oriented sectors.
  • The COVID clamp-down on just about everything has put a dent on C-O-2 emissions, but has it put a dent on climate change?
  • "With the 2008 global financial crisis, we saw a drop in greenhouse gas emissions in Canada as well as other countries."

Fake-meat firms thrive amid food supply woes (Taipei Times)

  • “We see this as a massively growing and important sector.”
  • Coller, founder of Coller Capital, formed asset manager collaborative FAIRR to push companies toward greater food sustainability because of the risks — so clearly illustrated by the current recession — to the global financial system.

How climate change could make infectious diseases even more difficult to combat in the future (Business Insider)

  • But researchers fear this pandemic could only be the beginning of a new battle against infectious disease outbreaks — the World Health Organization warns that climate change could make the spread of disease even worse in the coming decades.
  • Researchers worry that rising temperatures could cause animals to spread disease in more widespread areas, make pathogens more savvy at surviving in hot climates, and possibly weaken the human body's immune response.

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