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The Political Promise of Carbon Taxes (Wired)

  • For decades, the idea of a carbon tax has been stuck in the waiting room of American politics: Familiar to everyone who comes and goes, it has sat there long enough to grow cobwebs from its ears.
  • For the vast majority of Republicans, the idea is anathema, and for Democrats it's one among several policies that compete for the love of lawmakers and climate wonks.
  • In the past couple of years, some Republicans have broken ranks with their party to support a tax on carbon emissions—perhaps because the climate is becoming more salient with voters, perhaps as a foil to the more radical Green New Deal, or perhaps to, you know, do something to stop global warming.

The Coronavirus Is Forcing the Climate Movement to Reimagine Itself (Gizmodo)

  • And the plans for Earth Day are part of a larger gear change for the climate movement, which has traditionally relied on mass gatherings and strikes to build momentum, following in the footsteps of other successful movements, including women’s suffrage, civil rights, and LGBTQ rights.
  • But the climate movement could pave a new way forward.
  • And while it’s certainly not starting the… Youth climate strikers have already begun digital striking, but revamped plans around Earth Day will take those efforts even further.

Cop26 climate talks in Glasgow postponed until 2021 (Guardian)

  • The UN climate talks due to be held in Glasgow later this year have been postponed as governments around the world struggle to halt the spread of coronavirus.
  • The most important climate negotiations since the Paris agreement in 2015 were scheduled to take place this November to put countries back on track to avoid climate breakdown.
  • “We will continue working tirelessly with our partners to deliver the ambition needed to tackle the climate crisis and I look forward to agreeing a new date for the conference.” The Cop26 meeting was scheduled to be held in Glasgow at the SEC arena, a venue that the Scottish government plans to turn into a field hospital to treat virus victims.

April 1 in Canada: Federal carbon tax jumps 50% and MPs’ salaries grow 2.1% (National Post)

  • The raise goes into effect today, as does the latest increase in the federal carbon tax.
  • However, he has ruled out scrapping the planned increase in the carbon tax and there’s nothing he can do about the salary hike without recalling Parliament, which has been adjourned until at least April 20 as part of the nation-wide bid to curb the spread of the deadly virus.
  • Given the current crisis, Alberta MP Blaine Calkins called the pay hike “not only untimely but, frankly, it’s in poor taste.” Conservatives have also been demanding that Trudeau cancel the planned increase in the federal carbon tax which kicks in today, raising the carbon price on fuel purchases to $30 per tonne from $20.

Ryanair one of the biggest carbon polluters in Europe as emissions increase by nearly 6pc (Independent.ie)

  • Ryanair released more than 10 million tonnes of greenhouse gases last year, making the airline one of the biggest carbon polluters in Europe.
  • The airline's emissions are not included in that figure as airlines and other major energy users such as power plants and large manufacturers come under a separate carbon accounting mechanism, the European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).
  • Ryanair did not comment on the figures, but it has repeatedly defended its environmental record, stressing that its high carbon output is due to being the largest airline in Europe.

Rivian Wants to Bring Electric Trucks to the Masses (Wired)

  • During the summer of 2006, back when RJ Scaringe was working through a degree in automotive engineering at MIT, he began to wonder how difficult it might be to live within strict environmental boundaries.
  • How much would you have to change—and how fast, for how long—if you desired to wipe away the carbon traces of your everyday life?
  • The first was that he still had a meaningful carbon footprint.

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