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Singapore Democratic Party launches policy paper on climate change (Straits Times)

  • The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) on Saturday (Feb 8) launched its policy paper on climate change, with party chairman Paul Tambyah saying it would be an issue raised during the upcoming General Elections which must be held by April next year.
  • The 39-page paper set out the political party's views on climate change, and outlined eight areas where climate change policy can be further developed.
  • The party also highlighted population size in their climate policy proposal, saying the ever-growing population numbers has led to forests in Singapore being cleared for infrastructure and homes.

UK unprepared for COP 26 conference, warn climate leaders (Guardian)

  • Former UN climate envoy joins list of experts frustrated at Britain’s lack of leadership.
  • The UK is showing a “lack of coherence” in its leadership of vital UN climate crisis talks this year and giving the damaging impression that the talks are not a high priority, one of the world’s leading voices on the climate crisis has said.
  • Mary Robinson, a former UN climate envoy and Ireland’s first female president, also said the perception that major British politicians, including the ex-prime minister David Cameron and former foreign secretary William Hague, were unwilling to take on the role of leading the COP 26 summit was damaging.
  • Robinson, the former UN high commissioner for human rights who chairs the Elders group of former world statespeople, served twice as a UN climate envoy and campaigns for climate justice.

Australia’s Bushfires Set Off A Wave Of Community Organising Around Climate Change (Buzzfeed)

  • Anika Molesworth, 32, says her dream of one day taking on the family farm has been jeopardised by climate change.
  • Molesworth will speak in Canberra in March alongside scientists and doctors, as well as former NSW Fire and Rescue commissioner Greg Mullins, at the inaugural Australian Climate Consensus Forum.
  • "Farming is becoming increasingly more challenging because climate change is exacerbating these extreme weather events and it is changing what we can grow and where we can grow it," Molesworth said.

‘Not looking for a Trudeau handout’: Alberta spurns notion of bailout in lieu of Frontier mine approval (Financial Post)

  • Alberta Premier Jason Kenney told an audience at the Canada Institute in Washington, “It’s hard to overstate the response of Albertans, not just our government, but Albertans broadly, if this project were to be rejected.” Teck has already spent $1 billion during the past decade to clear a series of regulatory hurdles, invest in technology designed to lighten the mine’s carbon footprint and forge agreements with First Nations groups, Kenney said.
  • “So the response would be very challenging.” Demand for crude oil will continue during the coming decades even as energy transitions away from fossil fuels, Kenney added, and it’s better that the last barrel of oil come from “a stable reliable democracy with the highest environmental and human rights labour standards on earth.
  • Environmental groups and others have called on the prime minister to reject the proposal, saying it conflicts with the Liberal pledge to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

It's 65 degrees in Antarctica today (The Week)

  • The wave of warm area seems to be tied to a "foehn," or a rush of air that comes down from a slope or mountain and compresses air to warm it, the WMO's climate extremes expert told The Associated Press.
  • And with no definitive action being taken toward curbing human-caused climate change, glaciologist Eric Steig told the Post we can expect to see these records broken again soon.
  • The blasting "will continue intermittently for the rest of the month," CBP added, and there will be "an environmental monitor present during these activities as well as on-going clearing activities."

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