Edition for 26 January 2020

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Ambitious Zero Emission Tokyo plan wins praise, begs for action (Japan Times)

  • Yuriko Koike revealed the Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy, the capital’s long-awaited plan to eliminate carbon emissions, transition to renewable energy and take the lead in the fight against global warming.
  • Around the world, we see that cities are taking the lead in the fight against climate change.
  • The Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy details a multifaceted effort to heighten disaster preparedness, reduce single-use plastics, transition to renewable energy and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Scotland Is on Track to Hit 100 Percent Renewable Energy This Year, Slàinte Mhath! (Gizmodo)

  • United Nations scientists have warned that most countries are on track to totally botch the climate goals needed to curb catastrophic global warming.
  • Environmental organization Scottish Renewables put together a report tracking the country’s renewable progress.
  • But notably, unlike other countries, their government doesn’t plan to use carbon offsets, where as the country’s Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham, “other countries are paid to cut emissions for us, to achieve our goal.” There are still other sources of emissions the country will need to tackle to be truly net-zero like heating, transportation, and agriculture.

Inequality makes climate change much harder to tackle (Guardian)

  • Climate change is the issue of the moment and has to be tackled without delay.
  • There was a big US delegation to Davos last week but it found itself isolated – in public, at least – on the climate emergency.
  • The World Economic Forum came at the start of the year that will culminate in a much more important event; the UN climate change summit (COP26) in Glasgow.

Sir David Attenborough says fixed-term parliaments lead to lack of climate focus (BBC News)

  • Sir David said one of the problems with Parliament having a fixed length of five years is that the effects of climate change may only be felt much later.
  • The 110 members of the assembly will learn from experts about climate change, and discuss and make informed decisions on options for meeting the net zero goal during sessions in Birmingham.
  • Members are also representative of the country in terms of how concerned they are about climate change.

African climate activist calls out AP’s ‘racist’ cropped photo (The NY Post)

  • Outrage over a photo by The Associated Press at Davos has swept the billionaire’s forum as a Ugandan climate activist’s picture was cropped out of a photo of young climate crusaders.
  • In a tearful video she posted to Twitter, Nakate said, “I was invited here … to tell my story about the crisis in Africa and how people are affected by (climate change) … “After I decide to go through my phone to post some photos of the strike and … I see the photos and I clearly see how I was cropped out of the photos and — (she starts to cry) and it was the hardest thing because everyone’s message was being talked about and my message was left out.

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