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The New U.S. Trade Deal Is Climate Sabotage

  • The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the NAFTA replacement which passed 89-10 through the Senate on Thursday, never mentions the climate crisis.
  • “Trump’s NAFTA 2.0 is a climate failure any way you slice it,” the Sierra Club’s Ben Beachy told me.
  • Beyond continuing to allow companies to seek lax climate and environmental rules outside the United States, under the USMCA they can also challenge new regulations proposed by countries signed onto it before they’re finalized, establishing hurdles to any future climate policy under a new administration.

The winning Republican climate solution: Carbon pricing

  • Ted Halstead is chairman and chief executive of the Climate Leadership Council.
  • The Republican Party’s position on climate change is rapidly evolving, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) saying that we need conservative solutions and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) warning that the party ignores the issue at its own peril.
  • The newfound Republican climate position can be summarized as follows: The climate problem is real, the Green New Deal is bad and the GOP needs a proactive climate solution of its own.

In climate push, Microsoft to erase its carbon footprint from atmosphere

  • Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) on Thursday set a new ambition among Fortune 500 companies in addressing climate change, pledging to remove as much carbon as it has emitted in its 45-year history.
  • The focus on clearing carbon from the atmosphere sets Microsoft’s climate goals apart from other corporate pledges which have focused on cutting ongoing emissions or preventing future ones.
  • “We must begin to offset the damaging effects of climate change,” he said, adding if global temperatures continue to rise unabated “the results will be devastating.” The plan includes the creation of a “Climate Innovation Fund,” which will invest $1 billion over the next four years to speed up the development of carbon removal technology.

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Zimbabwe: AfDB, UN and World Bank launch 2019 Needs Assessment Report to spur economic recovery

  • Italy funds projects for agri-business development in Egypt and investment promotion in Iraq Nhaka Foundation: Transforming Education and Improving Basic Health Care in Zimbabwe WFP calls for increased support as eight million in Zimbabwe face hunger After renewable energy, what else can salvage climate change?
  • Egypt produces about eight million tonnes of fresh tomatoes per year and is the world’s fifth largest producer, which can be attributed to its suitable climate, dual seasonality and fertile lands.
  • The European Union is committed to becoming the first climate-neutral bloc in the world by 2050.

Connecting the Poles: The importance of collaboration between regions

  • Today, there is no greater challenge than the complex issue of climate change, and it requires collaboration across borders and continents.
  • Both the Arctic and the HKH regions, which are shared by eight countries respectively, are facing problems associated with climate change and a rapidly warming world.
  • The loss of glaciers and Arctic sea ice is worrying as the massive stores of snow and ice in the regions play a major role in regulating the Earth’s climate.

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