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Double the Share of Renewables in the ‘Decade of Action’ to Achieve Energy Transition Objectives

  • The share of renewables in global power should more than double by 2030 to advance the global energy transformation, achieve sustainable development goals and a pathway to climate safety, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).
  • “We know it is possible,” he concluded, “but we must all move faster.” Additional investments bring significant external cost savings, including minimising significant losses caused by climate change as a result of inaction.

Coalition MPs split over Scott Morrison's apparent shift on climate policy

  • Moderate Liberals seize on PM’s comments to argue the government will do more to cut emissions but conservatives push back Mon 13 Jan 2020 01.26 EST Last modified on Mon 13 Jan 2020 03.49 EST Moderate Liberals have seized on Scott Morrison’s apparent shift on climate change policy to argue the government will do more to cut emissions, as some conservatives push back against any “symbolism” that could damage the economy.
  • In a sign of the challenge facing the prime minister as he seeks to “evolve” climate change policy, government MPs have split over the prime minister’s comments on the weekend that the Coalition wanted to reduce emissions “even further” than current commitments.
  • Katie Allen, the Liberal MP for the Victorian seat of Higgins, welcomed Morrison’s remarks, telling her constituents that she would be a “strong voice” in the party room for stronger action on climate change.

Climate and digitisation to dominate SSAs’ 2020

  • In this roundtable, held in early November, market participants on both the buyside and the sell side favoured a more holistic assessment of issuers’ ESG profiles, rather than relying on labelled assets, but whether or not the ECB should take a role in promoting the SRI market through “green QE” divided the group.
  • Bendiek, NRW: Politicising the ECB, through buying green bonds or focusing on climate change, would be difficult, in my opinion, because it is not straightforward monetary policy.
  • Unless you can show that climate risks are financial stability risks, it’s a difficult step to take because it’s not within the ECB’s mandate.

New Zealand schools to teach students about climate crisis, activism and 'eco anxiety'

  • Every school in New Zealand will this year have access to materials about the climate crisis written by the country’s leading science agencies – including tools for students to plan their own activism, and to process their feelings of “eco-anxiety” over global heating.
  • The curriculum will put New Zealand at the forefront of climate change education worldwide; governments in neighbouring Australia and the United Kingdom have both faced criticism for lack of cohesive teaching on the climate crisis.
  • “One of the pieces of feedback we’ve got from teachers around the country is that they’re really crying out for something like this, because kids are already in the conversation about climate change,” said James Shaw, New Zealand’s climate change minister and co-leader of the left-leaning Green Party.

Explainer: what are the underlying causes of Australia's shocking bushfire season?

  • As Australia’s unprecedented bushfire season continues to unfold, competing arguments have been made about the principal causes of the human and environmental tragedy – particularly around the role of climate change.
  • The prime minister, Scott Morrison, has acknowledged that climate change has had an influence on the fires and has defended his government’s climate record.
  • Backbench MP Craig Kelly denied any link between climate change and bushfires in a combative interview on British TV.

The Past and the Future of the Earth’s Oldest Trees

  • Because only a few other plant species can handle the dry, cold climate, the bristlecones face little competition.
  • The possibility that climate change will cause their extinction has inspired a spate of alarmed news stories, although tree scientists tend to discount the idea that the bristlecones are in immediate danger.
  • Bunn is keenly interested in tracking climate change through bristlecone data.

Krugman: Australia shows us the road to hell

  • After all, it’s exactly the kind of catastrophe climate scientists long warned us to expect if we didn’t take action to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
  • So this should be the moment when governments finally began urgent efforts to stave off climate catastrophe.
  • Climate optimists have always hoped for a broad consensus in favor of measures to save the planet.

Living in Japan during a time of climate crisis

  • So does Japan, which ranked as the most affected country by climate change in 2018, according to the most recent Global Climate Risk Index report.
  • Japan is making strides to address climate change.
  • The fashion industry produces 10 percent of all humanity’s carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply.

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